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Day Boarding


In The Day Boarding and Boarding

The periods are of a duration closer to an hour. Besides covering the syllabus, the teachers have sufficient time to know the student's problems, teach a new lesson, complete the assignment in the classroom itself and revise it.

Since the teachers can cater to the individual needs of the children, they can approach him/her with their problems. Our past experience has proved that LPC can admit children regardless of their previous medium of instruction and make them worthy of the higher class.

The child remains in the academic atmosphere of the LPC for full eight hours. He learns his lessons, does his assignments and revision under the guidance of his teachers and no work is left to be done at home.

The LPC adheres to the view that home tutorials are not only insufficient but also the unscientific approach of the tutors irrespective of the individual's need causes confusion in the tender minds of the children. The LPC, therefore, completely rejects the system of home tutorials especially in lower classes. The effort of LPC is to make learning playful and enjoyable so that when the children go back home their mind is free. They can spend quality time with their parents without causing any kind of inconvenience to them.

Despite the fact that our children come from different cultural backgrounds & social class, the LPC invariably exposes them to the living conditions of various social groups like those who live in slums and are below poverty line. Our aim is to sensitize and educate them in a manner that they are prepared to undertake the responsibility of the under privileged when they are called upon to do so. Besides, this exposure also instills in them the dignity of manual labour and a sense of social service.

Thus it is envisaged that with this kind of educational background, the LPC child not only aspires for the higher echelon jobs but also remains down to earth, practical and aware of the average Indian's aspirations and conditions of life.

Since, this inter alia depends upon the mental framework of a child, all of them are subjected to I.Q. rating, tolerance, aptitude and adaptability tests.

The Collegiate does not impart any religious instructions, as it believes that religion is something personal. Responsibility of religious education is of the home.

It is desirable that the parents tell their wards that the LPC educational system is the best. They should avoid making criticism of it and expressing their desire to give them something better than that. The LPC exists for their betterment and the parents are requested to keep in constant touch with the teachers and the Principal of the institution regarding the progress of their wards as well as regarding the interest of other children and the institution as a whole.

It is collective responsibilty of the LPC family i.e., the children, the parents, the LPC teachers, its Principal and the non-teaching personnel to ensure all round development of each LPC child.



Simple reasoning will reveal that the children of a particular age group require more children of the same age group to interact and develop. This opportunity cannot be provided by the parents of any income-group. A school is the only answer to this problem. Our system incorporates the best of a residential school and a day school at a minimum cost.

Instead of children from affluent families loitering aimlessly, they can be usefully engaged at Lucknow Public Collegiate (LPC) where they will have the privilege of exploiting their hidden potentials through enjoyable, constructive, useful and productive activities.