We are now open for online registration for the Academic Year 2020-2021 for selected grades. We are now open for online registration for the Academic Year 2020-2021 for selected grades.

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Dear Parent,

Hope you and your family are keeping safe and healthy.

We are constantly Striving to serve you better. In this regard we are looking at the possibility of offering online Periodic Test. Kindly refer to the guidelines.

For Assistance contact 2447505 / 7992163490, 2209429 / 9839269597.


Joint Director / Principal



  1. There will be a written test of 25 marks the schedule for which is uploaded in the website
  2. The syllabus for the test will only be whatever work has been taught in online classes and worksheets uploaded in website till 15th May 2020.
  3. There will also be an oral test of 25 marks based on the same question paper and will be conducted once we re-open after the summer vacation.  Average marks will be calculated for every subject (WRITTEN AND ORAL).
  4. Students are expected to attempt the paper honestly under the guidance and supervision of the parents.
  5. The test papers will be uploaded subjectwise in the assignment section of Microsoft Teams after 2 pm anytime on the date of the test as per schedule. Students may download the same from there for taking the test.
  6. The test is to be done on separate sheets of paper and questions need not be copied but the question number/ part/section/ sub section etc. to be specified clearly for every answer. Thereafter, a snapshot of the answersheet or image scanned by CS scanner should be uploaded for corrections before 10 am the next day in the same assignment - students section in Microsoft Teams. Each sheet should carry the name of the students with class and section. The submission of answer sheets in assignment section will be locked at 10 am the following day of the test, hence the same must be done and uploaded well in time.